The ROMNET-ERA proposal addresses three strategic objectives of the ACC SSA General call, with the main emphasis on networking the high quality centers of research. The activities concentrate on Romania, preparing its integration in ERA. Restructuring for integration in ERA will be the only realistic chance of the Romanian research to become competitive.
    The consortium putting forward this proposal has the competence and the authority to address the local scientific community and has the full support of national authorities.
    The important target groups at the national level are: high-quality research centers, and innovative SMEs. Identifying, screening and networking of research groups (from three separate research systems: national R&D institutes, university research centers, research units of the Romanian Academy) will be focused on some priorities of FP 6, catalyzing the participation to EU projects.
    The emphasis will be on new materials and new technologies and their implications on the quality of life. Advanced software techniques and the experience of one EU partner in knowledge management will increase the efficiency of networking at the national level and make it attractive for interaction at the regional and at the European level.
    The project consortiums will set-up a structure undertaking individual actions for innovative SMEs, in order to increase their participation in FP 6. Clustering of SMEs with research centers and universities, sometimes in scientific and technologic parks will be also pursued.
    Such platforms of knowledge generation, dissemination and use, developed with European support, will bring into Romania elements of the new knowledge-based economy.
    Finally, on the occasion of the annual information events devoted to presentation of the new FP 6 work programmes, the results of Romanian networking and participation to ERA will be displayed with posters, leaflets, reports etc.


Last update: June 14, 2005