This is the web page of the national (Romanian) micro and nanotechnology network ROMNET-NANO sustained by the
project ROMNET-ERA



Financed (2001- 2004) by the national RTDI programme MATNANTECH (New materials, micro- and nanotechnologies)
Contact person: Roxana Vasilco ([email protected]); Prof. Dan Dascalu ([email protected])

BIONANONET is a national network bringing together R&D, clinics, SMEs groups involved in biomedicine. This approach evolves as a result of the decision to take into consideration the main EU RTD (research and technological development) trends and to concentrate on specified areas in the national science policy. The network focuses on synergistically catalyzing different competences (microengineering, physics, biology, chemistry) in Romania, with a view to integrate the ‘science without borders’ initiative, according to European science policy. Starting as an institutional nucleus (R&D institutes, Academy centres, universities, administrative and commercial groups), it will constantly develop to create a wide specialised database containing scientific research and technological development projects and trends, information on new approaching and activities, existing facilities and infrastructure. The mean way to reach the strategic goal of integrating the national research groups into the ‘European Research Area’ is represented by the ability:

  • to join and stir up human resources (mainly youngsters)
  • to develop intensive and comprehensive electronic communication among professional groups


National Institute for R&D in Microtechnologies IMT Bucharest
University of Bucharest
Academy Institute of Mathematics ‘Simion Stoilow’
Academy Institute for Macromolecular Chemistry ‘Petru Poni’ Iassy
Academy Research Centre for Automatic Learning, Natural Language Processing and Conceptual Methodology
Romania Medical College
National Institute for R&D for Laser, Plasma and Radiation
Academy Institute for Biological Research
National Institute for Chemical-Pharmaceutical R&D
Oncological Institute ‘Prof. Dr. Alexandru Trestioreanu’ Bucharest
Laboratory for Medical Informatics SRL Satu Mare
‘Politehnica’University Bucharest, G-ral Chemistry Dpt.
National R&D Institute of Materials Physics & Technology, Surface Interactions Group, Magurele
SUPERDATA Ltd., Bucharest
Ergamed Ltd., Bucharest

Research topics related to the network activity are:

Micro and nanomaterials for biomedical applications:

  • composites;
  • modified polymers;
  • newly synthesised organic and inorganic materials;
  • new biomaterials with aimed applications

Micro and nano(bio)technology for biomedical applications:

  • microdevices and microsystems for biomedical investigation (microelectrodes, biosensors, microfluidics) interfacing systems to organic/biological molecules, for genetic and cellular manipulation; molecular filtration and immunoisolation
  • micro and nanodevices relying on molecular recognition; micro and nanodevices for active biomolecules (drug) transport

Instrumentation and equipment, supporting technologies:

  • analytical equipment and techniques
  • microprocessing equipment and techniques for biomedical applications

Computational intelligence techniques:

  • genetic algorithms, fuzzy logic, artificial neural networks, cellular automata, molecular computing
  • hardware architecture relying on computational intelligence

Biomimetic robotics - microsystems and elements

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