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E-room – Files and Users Management System

General Description:
The e-room System is a cross-platform password protected, web-based application that allows
categorise users and documents.

There are four categories of users as follow: project manager, supervisor, partner and visitor with different rights (read, write).

Projects (work space): This E-room offers the possibility to specify a project as an arborescent structure of folders, documents and presentations, using "File Manager" systems, and to enhance communication, using "Announcements" systems.

The Project” (work space) is organized by sections corresponding to type of users:

Management section (rights to read write for project manager);
Supervisor section (rights to read write for project manager and supervisor);
Restricted to partner (rights to read write for project manager, partners);
Visitor (rights to read write for project manager, read for partners, read for visitor);

The right to write on sections it means upload documents on server on that section were you have access granted by the type of user. On sections “Restricted to partner” and “Visitor” is possible to postannouncements”. It is also possible private communication between project manager and partners on section “Management” by posting “announcements”.

This application offer a module of “user management “– this means that users are organised on Networks (the network are divided into groups). For each Network of users is a “Network coordinator” that can create “Areas of Activities” and Projects” (work space) and assign different rights for users to use this space. For each “Project” (work space) is assigned an Project manager”.

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