This is the web page of the national (Romanian) micro and nanotechnology network ROMNET-NANO sustained by the
project ROMNET-ERA


MIcro and NAnotechnologies going to EASTern Europe through NETworking

SSA, 2004-2006, (Contract No . 510470) financed by European Commission

Coordinator : National Institute for R&D in Microtechnologies IMT-Bucharest, Prof. Dan Dascalu ([email protected])


The aim of the network MINAEAST-NET is to prepare the participation of organisations from associated candidate countries (ACCs) for projects in FP6 in the area of Micro and Nano Technologies (MNT).

The main objective is networking on micro and nanotechnologies, according to priority thematic areas 2 (IST) and 3 (NMP) from FP 6.

The MINAEAST-NET project will develop a network of networks, called also MINAEAST-NET, which will be composed of networks of micro and nanotechnologies from ACC.

Developments of MINAEAST-NET project are a preview in two ways: i) Concurrent Engineering may be used to approach to approach new topics from priorities 2 (IST) and 3. (NMP); ii) research bodies from other ACCs will be attracted in the network.

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