This is the web page of the national (Romanian) micro and nanotechnology network ROMNET-NANO sustained by the
project ROMNET-ERA


Micro-Nanosystems European Network pursuing the integration of NMS and ACC in ERA

SSA, 2005-2008, financed by European Commission

Coordinator : National Institute for R&D in Microtechnologies IMT-Bucharest, Prof. Dan Dascalu ([email protected])


MINOS-EURONET is devoted to stimulating, encouraging and facilitating the participation of New Member States (NMS) and the Associated Candidate Countries (ACC) in the activities of IST. The proposal has a pan-European focus on one strategic objective in IST, namely micro- and nanosystems.

The project is focussing on the following objectives: to reveal and promote the research competences from NMS and ACC, namely competences which are relevant for the development of the field of micro-nanosystems at the European scale; to facilitate the participation of NMS and ACC organisations to EU programmes and other activities in the field of micro-nanosystems; extensive networking at the pan-European scale in the field of micro-nanosystems, especially by networking the organisations in NMS and ACC which have a potential for the future development of the field with the established networks in EU; Facilitating progress towards building a future research policy and research direction for micro-nanosystems, micro-nano-technology and converging technologies in NMS/AC.

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