This is the web page of the national (Romanian) micro and nanotechnology network ROMNET-NANO sustained by the
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Promotion of SMEs in Nanotechnology and Nanomaterials to broaden European Research

FP6 Project
Contact Person (in Romania): Prof.
Dr. Eng. Andrei SZUDER


nanoMAT aims to encourage and facilitate the participation of Small and Medium Sized (SMEs) companies from the newly enlarged European Union in FP6, in particular in the nanotechnologies and nanomaterials fields, through the provision of in-depth technological intelligence and innovation assistance services.

In order to accomplish this mission, the project partners, which come from 10 EU and candidate countries (CZ, DE, ES, NL, FR, HU, LU, PL, RO - Candidate, SK), will support SMEs with the following actions:

  • Raise awareness on EU funding opportunities and promote R&D cooperation.
  • Gather information on relevant Integrated Projects (IP) and Networks of Excellence (NoE) already being developed, as well as on FP5 project results. Provide assistance and intermediation services to the coordinators of these Integrated projects (IP) and Networks of excellence (NoE) in order to promote the incorporation of additional SMEs as technology providers or end users. In total, 60 companies are expected to be incorporated in ongoing projects of IP and NoE, and follow up activities of the selected successful 5th FP RTD projects, facilitating the creation of new groupings with the existent partners.
  • Perform 120 company technology audits in order to identify needs, current capabilities, best practices and future developments needs.
  • Support SMEs to put eligible and successful proposals together. Support the submission of 20 EC RTD proposals, amongst cooperative research projects (CRAFT), collective research projects and specific targeted research projects (STREP).
  • Provide 200 SMEs with technological intelligence services in the nanotechnology and nanomaterial fields.
  • Dissemination to 500 SMEs of good practices and of innovative research results to sectors of potential application. The sectors where the NANOMAT project will concentrate are the automotive, electronics and health sectors.
  • Tailor-made training to 300 SMEs in economic and technological intelligence activities. Training is to be provided in the following three topics:
    • technology watch and business intelligence;
    • innovation management and benchmarking;
    • technology exploitation and technology marketing.

nanoMAT offers you:

  • Identification of EU funding opportunitites
  • Technology audits to identify your current capabilities and needs for future development
  • Support with the integration of SMEs into on-going research projects
  • Assistance in putting together successful research project proposals
  • Technology watch and business intelligence in the fields of nanotechnologies and nanomaterials
  • Support to find partners for research projects
  • Training in technology watch, innovation management, and technology exploitation and marketing
  • Information sessions on successful participation in FP6
  • Dissemination of innovative research results for application in the automotive, electronics and health sectors

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