This is the web page of the national (Romanian) micro and nanotechnology network ROMNET-NANO sustained by the
project ROMNET-ERA


Network of research laboratories in nanotechnology

Financed (2001- 2004) by the national RTDI programme MATNANTECH (New materials, micro- and nanotechnologies)
Contact person: Dr. Marius Bazu([email protected]); Prof. Dan Dascalu ([email protected])

NANOTECHNET is a national (Romanian) network, set-up in October 2001, as a more focused structure (on nanotechnologies), as a development of the existing network MICRONANOTECH. The network NANOTECHNET has a truly multidisciplinary character, grouping scientists specialised in physics, microelectronics, biology, chemistry, mathematics, etc. Also, multiple forms of organising the research are involved: the participants are national research institutes, research institutes of the Romanian Academy, university centres and small companies involved in research activities. The representatives of all participants form a virtual steering committee. The activity of NANOTECHNET is mainly supported by a project (2001-2004) from the national program MATNANTECH.


1. National Institute for Research and Development in Microtechnologies, IMT-Bucharest
2. National Institute for Research and Development in Isotopic and Molecular Technology, Cluj
3. National Institute for Research and Development in Materials Physics, Bucharest
4. National Institute for Research and Development in Physics of Lasers, Plasma and Radiations, Bucharest
5. Institute of Biology of the Romanian Academy, Bucharest
6. Institutul of Macromolecular Chemistry "Petru Poni" of the Romanian Academy, Iasi
7. National Institute for Research and Development in Technical Physics, Iasi
8. Research and Development Institute for Electrical Engineering – Advanced Researches, Bucharest
9. Centre for Macromolecular Materials and Membranes, Bucharest
10. National Institute for Research and Development in Cryogenic and Isotopic Technologies, Rm. Valcea
11. University Politechnica of Timisoara – Institute for Complex Fluids and National Centre for System Engineering with Complex Fluids, Timisoara
12. Romanian Academy – Timisoara Branch, Centre for Fundamentals and Advanced Technical Researches, Timisoara
13. National Institute for Research and Development in Electrochemistry and Condensed Matter – Research Institute for Condensed Matters, Timisoara
14.University of Bucharest – Theoretical and Applied Physical Chemistry Research Centre
15.Institute for Non-Ferous and Rare Metals Bucharest
16.Institute for Chemistry "Raluca Ripan" Cluj
17.University "Babes-Bolyai" Cluj – Faculty of Chemistry
18.University "Ovidius" Constanta

Main objectives:

To stimulate the information exchange between participants;
To organise promotion, dissemination and technology transfer of network results;
To stimulate multidisciplinary education and training by research in interdisciplinary field;
To improve the links between fundamental and engineering science, between research, academis and industrial media;
To facilitate building of Romanian research teams on various subjects
To attract Romanian industrial partners in the network

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