“Multifunctional materials and new production processes”

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Faculty of Engineering and Management of Technological Systems, University of Craiova

  • Name of the Network: ROMNET ERA
  • Contact person, scientific title: Dean Mihail Mangra, Prof. dr. eng.
  • Department: Advanced Engineering Group (AEG-IMST)
  • Organisation’s address: 1 Calugareni
  • Post code: 220037
  • City: Drobeta Turnu Severin
  • Country: Romania
  • Organisation type: HE (High Education)
  • Organisation size: 45 teaching staff members + 876 students
  • Web site: (see AEG-IMST)
  • E-mail address: [email protected]
  • Telephone:
  • Fax:
  • Brief description of the organization: Faculty IMST from University of Craiova is a high education and research organization. Development of fundamental knowledge

• Methods of computational modeling of multifunctional materials - CA

Proposed project title: Computational modelling of Powder Metallurgy nanostructured materials

The education activity is structured in:

  • 3 departments: Engineering, Applied sciences and Inland navigation and environment protection;
  • 6 license specializations: Environmental engineering, Materials engineering, Industrial engineering, Industry and management, Naval engineering and navigation

The research activity focuses on:

  • processing and manufacturing of advanced materials;
  • modeling and simulation of materials/products;
  • biomechanics behavior of anatomical structures.

Brief description of involved Group: 13 members

The Advanced Engineering Group comprises academic personnel from the Faculty of Engineering and Management of Technological Systems of the University of Craiova who has research activity in the fields of material science, engineering design and computational modeling and simulation.

AEG mission is:

  • to research and design new and innovative solutions to various engineering problems;
  • to develop new materials using advanced powder metallurgy technologies;
  • to create transferable technologies for use by engineering professionals and disseminate results to scientific and engineering communities.

Research in the Advanced Engineering Group from University of Craiova (AEG) focuses on:

  • Mechanical Design; Powder Metallurgy; Computational Modelling and Simulation; Manufacturing Technologies; Welding Technologies; Micro- and nano-engineering.

Specific activities to be done in the frame of the proposed project:

  • Modelling and simulation of the nanostructured materials behaviour using own designed softs and special programs like Nastran, Ansys, Cosmos, Mechanical Desktop;
  • Finite element analysis on the nanostructured materials in coupled regime: thermal and structural;
  • Computational and technological modelling for materials optimization.


Scientifically, technical and research background in the field of computational modeling of multifunctional materials

Ph.D. thesis on the topics:

- Biomechanical systems modelling and simulation using finite elements method
- Fuzzy algorithm to perform joint robots

Scientific papers on the topics:

  • Mode shape and frequency analysis of self-lubricant materials;
  • Finite element analysis of materials used in manufacturing of gears;
  • Modelling and simulation of mechanical tests on advanced materials;
  • Modelling and simulation of thermal processes;
  • Robotics, fuzzy control systems
  • Optimization of new magnetic ceramic materials technologies
  • Optimization of Fe-based sintered materials for friction/self-lubricating products
  • Modeling and simulation of advanced materials behavior during different test
  • Optimization of the machining processes using mathematical and statistics methods

National research contracts:

- Technology and device for seismic determinations regarding the high voltage equipment;
- Electroenergetical equipment designing. Computer aided designing of gears. - Biomechanical virtual model for investigation, kinematics study and optimization of prosthetic implant for gait rehabilitation, 2003

International research contracts:

- Multi-Imager Compatible Robot for Precise Prostate Access, 2003 (partner); - High-Fidelity Synthetic Human Torso for Training and Evaluation of Urologic Laparoscopic Skills, 2001-2002 (partner)


Rinderu, P., Gruionu, L., Numerical methods – Theoretical and practical elements, Ed. Universitaria, Craiova, Romania, 2003

Specializations, trainings:

- Technology Institute, Industrial Robots, Bethune, France
- Department of Urology, School of Medicine, Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD, USA Technologies associated with the production, transformation and processing of knowledge-based multifunctional materials

• Advanced materials processing – CA


Scientifically, technical and research background in the field of advanced materials processing

Ph.D. thesis on the topics:

  • processing the advanced materials by Powder Metallurgy technology using new sintering techniques: microwave sintering, spark plasma sintering;
  • materials categories: metallic (Fe and Cu based with friction/antifriction properties), ceramic (permanent magnets), composites (Al based matrix);
  • mechanical and chemical techniques to manufacture nanopowders and/or nanostructured powders;
  • processing of composite layers by laser deposition techniques.

Scientific papers presented and published at Powder Metallurgy conferences and congresses, national, european and international level:

  • World PM Congresses and Exhibitions: Granada, Spain, 1998; Kyoto, Japan, 2000; Vienna, Austria, 2004;
  • European PM Congresses and Exhibitions: Nice, France, 2001; Valencia, Spain, 2003; Prague, Czech Republic, 2005

National research contracts:

  • Research on sintered carbon steels processing using Fe-based nanopowders
  • Research on pressure sintering by microwave heating
  • Research on SPS mechanism to process anisotropic ceramic magnets
  • Processing of lightweight nanocomposite materials for aerospace and automotive industries
  • Fe-based sintered materials for self-lubricating bearings

European research contracts:

  • FP6, no. 013968, 2005-2007, title: Improving the understanding of the impact of nanoparticles on human health and the environment
  • ARC Seibersdorf, Austria, 2003, title: Chem. Composition and sintering atmosphere influences on the Cu-based antifriction sintered alloys


  • Mangra, M., Materials science, University of Craiova Printing House, 1994
  • Mangra, M., Materials processed by powder metallurgy, Universitaria Printing House, Craiova, 1997
  • Mangra, M ., Gingu, O., Gheorghe, St., Ciupitu, I., Teisanu, C., Sima, G., T echnologies and applications in powder metallurgy, Universitaria Printing House, Craiova, 2002
  • Gingu, O., Highlight Composite Materials , Universitaria Printing House, Craiova, 2003

Specializations, trainings:

  • “Max-Planck” Institute, Dresden, Germany; title: Processing of advanced PM materials by Spark Plasma Sintering (SPS) process, 2003
  • Austrian Research Centre, AMTT-Seibersdorf, Austria, 200 3
  • Cambridge University , England , Materials Science and Metallurgy Dept.; title: Processing of metal matrix composite foams, 2001


  • Cu-based self-lubricant materials with low tin content, Golden Medal at Eureka, Brussels, 2001
  • High density carbon steel sheet sintered mare and obtained method, 2004