“Multifunctional materials and new production processes”

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“Politehnica” University of Bucharest Development of fundamental knowledge

a) Interfacial friction and adhesion phenomena
b) Wear of multifunctional materials

Proposed project title: Tribological properties of Multifunctional Materials

  • Organisation name: “Politehnica” University of Bucharest
  • Contact person, scientific title: Andrei TUDOR, prof. Ph.D
  • Department: Machine Elements and Tribology
  • Organisation’s address: Spl. Independentei 313, s.6
  • Post code: 060042
  • City: Bucharest
  • Country: Romania
  • Organisation type: university
  • Organisation size: large
  • Web site:
  • E-mail address: [email protected]
  • Telephone: 040 021 402 9581
  • Fax: 040 021 402 9581
  • Brief description of the organization: “Politehnica” University of Bucharest

The university has 12 engineering faculties and 50 research centers.
The research activities were development by some laboratories: magnetic materials, electrical devices, energy conversion, numerical methods, computer hard, robotics, information technology, optoelectronics, thermal engines, machine elements, tribology, mechatronics, rheology, advancee technology etc

  • Brief description of involved Department

The Name of the Laboratory: Tribology

a). State of the Art Equipments and Laboratory Installations *:

  1. Machine for stick-slip phenomenon.
  2. Machine for define “tribological passport” of materials.
  3. Point and liniar contact devises for studies mechanical properties of lubricants and hard and soft coatings.
  4. Machine for tribological studies of biomaterials.
  5. Optical equipment for analise and stokage wear failure surfaces
  6. P.C. computers for acquisition, stokage and statistical experimental results.

b). Services Offered (measurements, analysis, expert examinations, studies):

  1. Measurements regarding friction coefficient, and some wear parameters for materials and coatings.
  2. Analysis and expert examinations regarding the wear failures of machine elements and mechanical equipments.
  3. Studies and tribological solutions for increasie of durability and realibity for mechanical equipment.
  4. Standard analyses for mechanical properties of lubricants and biodegradable liquides.
  5. Studies and software regarding sliding bearing and mechanical seals.

 c). Scientific Results

A. Significant contracts and scientifical works realized in the last period:

  • Tribological properties of metalo-ceramics composite.
  • New methods (nuclear by RBS) for researche tribological properties of biomaterials RBS.
  • Diveces for decrease wear and increase adherence of rail sistemes
  • Standard tribological test of lubricants and biodegradable liquids
  • Experimental researches concerning the load capacity of grease lubricated machine elements
  • New concepts and experimental methods for grease life-time testing
  • Theoretical and experimental studies concerning the grease flow through circular pipes
  • Design of experimental models for viscosity pumps
  • New constructive solutions for integrated viscosity pumps
  • Lubrication with contaminated fluids.

B . Books and scientific articles published

  • Books: 6
  • Articles: 35

C. Registered Patents or Proposed for Registration: 4

D. Technollogies or achievements that can become the object of a technology transfer: 2