Why nanoscience and nanotechnologies?


Valorising resources and taking opportunities (also accepting challenges!).


General motivation

Motivation specific to Romania


Nanoscience brings a new, multidisciplinary, approach to the basic sciences

A reorientation, eliminating parallelisms and reducing fragmentation is essential for this country, especially in basic sciences


Nanoscience and nanotechnologies have a huge innovative potential for new materials and production processes, for industry in general

The traditional industries need modern technologies. New industries should be promoted. However, science is just a factor in the process!


At the level of FP 6, nano from priority 3 (NMP) is important for priorities 1,2, 5 etc.


This addresses some basic priorities of a country like Romania: health, food quality, environment etc.


The importance of human resources (two million of new researchers are needed in the field in the next years)

The motivation for science and technology of young people is an advantage which could be exploited for an European career


Integration of resources in ERA provides a critical mass and gives a chance in competition with US, Japan etc.

Romania cannot be competitive alone in this field, integration in ERA is the only chance.

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