The main lines of action of the Romanian "nano" initiative:

An awareness campaign for researchers, industry and general public;
Evaluating resources and defining priorities and applications in the field, taking into account all Romanian public research systems (national institutes, universities, Romanian Academy) and beyond;
Reorienting the research in basic sciences according to the multidisciplinary vision of the nanoscience;
Rethinking various curricula in the nano perspective; promoting training by research; stimulating a European career, providing human resources to private industry etc.
Correlating the R&D programmes from the national plan for RTDI (application of new technologies in health, food quality, environment etc.), other national programmes (of CNSIS, Romanian Academy, as well as sectorial programmes) and correlating the future programmes within ERA (using the ERA-NET programme);
Striving at a long-term research-industry as well as a public-private partnership in developing and applying nanotechnologies; public research will provide more abundant human sources, as well as access to the technical  /scientific structure
Achieving rapidly a critical mass in research by networking and by focussed investments (in correlation with EU projects, at the national scale)
Developing scientific and technological parks in the field

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