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Company Name : METAV-Cercetare Dezvoltare S.A

International VAT Number (mandatory): C.U.I. 16261916R

Legal Registration Number (if applicable):

Contact Person: Dr. Eng. Anghel Ioncea

Street: C.A.Rosetti .31

Function: General Manager

PO Box: 22

Phone: +(40-31) 40.55.013

City: Bucharest

Fax: : +(40-31) 40.55.012

Post-Code: 020011

E-mail: [email protected]

Country: ROMANIA



Activity: Research and Development company (SME type) active in the fields of: materials science, conmventional and non conventional casting and forging technologies whose results support the use of metallic, ceramic and composite materials, sintered products from metal powders, auxiliary materials. METAV R&D can provide a wide range of investigations/tests and services. High level technical expertisis.

Shareholders: private company in 2004
Annual Turnover (€): 0, 20 million euro
Aerospace Turnover (%): 10%
Number of Employees: < 20
Quality Certification : SRN ISO 9001/2001

Company Presentation:

Company Activity:

At its origin, METAV S.A. (Aviation Metallurgy) was an engineering state company, established in 1980, engaged in production and research of:

  • conventional and investment castings (steels, superalloys, cast iron, Al, Mg, Ti);
  • conventional and precision forgings (steels, Al, Mg, Ti);
  • patterns, dies and casting tools, forging and die-forging tools;
  • wheels and braking systems for helicopters and light and medium weight aircraft.

After privatisation (in year 2000) METAV was splited in 3 different companies, one of them being METAV-Cercetare Dezvoltare S.A. (short name METAV-CD).

METAV-CD can provide a wide range of investigations / tests and services, e.g.

- (micro) structural investigations ( SEM, TEM and light microscopy, XRD, dilatometry, granulometry)

- electrochemical investigations (anticorrosive performances expertise of the alloys and coatings, anticorrosive cathodic protection and materials, chemical conversion coatings, metals and alloys electrodeposited coatings etc.)

- mechanical testing (in static and dynamic conditions, for all types of metallic materials for all technical fields, e.g: statically mechanical testing, high temperature mechanical testing, hardness testing, room temperature and under cryo-conditions impact testing, axial fatigue testing, fracture mechanics testing)

- expertise in PM processes (iron and copper based friction, antifriction sintered materials -bronzes, non ferrous powders, composites)

- consultancy for casting and forging technologies

Main Industrial Partners: ICA Brasov, I.Av. Bucuresti

Main Products: research and laboratory

Corporate Policy:

Already Accomplished European RTD

Participation in European Research Program: Yes x

If yes, which one:

1. PC V

Ctr. Nr. : EU-RO 55 2002 05 13
Elaboration of technology and equipment for continuous duplex treatment of hot forging tools
Acronim : G1RD-2002-00654 CDTreatment
Coordonator : Institute for Terotechnology, Radom, Polonia

2. PC VI

Ctr. Nr: COOP – CT -2004 – 508378
Design of a semi-hot process chain
Coordonator: IPH – Institut fur Integrierte Produktion Hannover


Ctr.: RO 9602-02-02-L020/22.07.1998
Hardening by surface cladding technology for special materials processed with high power CO2 laser and quality control standards for the elaborated technology
Coordonator: METAV - CD S.A. – B ucharest

 Expressed Technological Acquisition needs:

Technology by developing opportunities in new countries, new applications, and through new business strategies including licensing.


Internal Research capabilities :


turnover invested yearly in R&D: 30%

Participation in National research program: Yes

If yes, which one:

Aeronautics and Space : Composite material C-C used in the aerospace industry

Matnantech: Tribological couple materials used in the aerospace industry

Partnerships (R&D and/or Industrial): R&D materials and semi-products used in aeronautics

Experience of international cooperation: Yes

The Company is experienced in R&D international programmes, such as FP5 (e.g. the continuous duplex treatment of hot forging tools), FP6 (e.g. designing a semi-hot forging chain), PHARE, bilateral projects with China, Greece, UK, France.

Main concerned products: braking systems, cast and die-forget parts

Nature of the partnership: aeronautic industry and automotive industry



Improvement of a product
Development of new products
Improvement of processes
Development of new processes

Technological discipline:

A1 Basic materials
A2 Material processing
A3 Collaborative working
A5 Simulation
A8 E quipment
A18 Other