Proiecte internationale


4 M "Multi Material Micro Manufacturing", NoE FP6
NANO2LIFE "A network for bringing NANOtechnologies TO LIFE", NoEo, FP 6
NANOFUN-POLY "Nanostructured and Multi-Functional Polymer-Based Materials and Nanocomposites", NoE FP 6
AMICOM “Advanced MEMS for RF and Millimeter Wave Communications” , NoE, FP 6,
PATENT “Design for Micro & Nano Manufacture”, NoE, FP 6
WAPITI “Waferbonding and Active Passive Integration Technology and Implementation”, STREP
ASSEMIC “Advanced Handling and Assembly in Microtechnology”, A Marie Curie Research Training Network
INDUMAT “Strengthening of the RDI Potential for Advanced Materials and Composites to Enhance the Performance of the Electrical Industry ”, SSA, FP 6
INSIDE-POReS “ IN-Situ study and Development of processes involving nano-PORous Solids ”, NoE, FP 6
I-STONE “ Re-engineering of natural stone production chain through knowledge based processes, eco-innovation and new organisational paradigms ”, IP, FP6
KNOWLEDGE- WEB “ Network of excellence on furthering the semantic web ” , NoE, FP 6
KoBaS “ Knowledge Based Customized Services for Traditional Manufacturing Sectors Provided by a Network of High Tech SMEs ”
, IP, FP 6
RAINS “ Romanian Action for Integrating, Networking and Strengthening the ERA”, SSA, FP 6
NEPUMUC “ New eco-eficient industrial process using microstructured unit components – safe and environmental friendly production of sensitive compounds ensured by process intensification”, STREP, FP 6
VIF CA “ Virtual Intelligent Forging ”, CA, FP 6
DETECT “ New Product Design and Engineering Technologies based on next Generation Computed Tomography”, STREP, FP 6
ImPart “Improving the understanding of the impact of nanoparticles on human health and the environment”, CA, FP 6
VRL-KCiP “Virtual Research Lab for a Knowledge Community in Production”, NoE, FP 6
POLYSACCAHRIDES “European Polysaccharide Network”, NoE, FP 6
PHOREMOST “Nanophotonics to realize molecular technologies”, NoE, FP 6
SOFTCOMP “Soft Matter Composites – An Approach to Nanoscale Functional Materials”
, NoE, FP 6
BIOMAHE “Biodegradable Polymeric Materials for Health and Environment”, Marie Curie Network
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